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About Us

Edens Organics’ goal is to make it easy to shop for your organic favorites and provide convenient local delivery of fresh, affordable, certified organic fruits and vegetables right to your front door!

With Edens Organics, you can trust that if we sell it, its healthy for you! We want you to have access to a variety of clean foods that the big stores simply don’t offer. We guarantee only non-GMO, certified organic foods.

Eddie Fernadez, Founder and CEO of Edens Organics, Inc is a native Floridian and outgoing father who after losing his father to cancer, a grandmother to diabetes, his other grandmother to stroke and an Aunt to heart disease (none to whichever smoked or consumed alcohol) went on a quest to find out why so many die early from all the various diseases. He ventured out on an educational journey that would transform his life and stimulate a passionate to help others in similar situations. He envisioned a built-in solution that could not only reverse disease but also heal the body in its entirety.

During his studies, he discovered that there are many misconceptions which have led us to believe that we are ill-stricken, that disease is something that just happens to us, or that we’re pre-destined by genetics.  The simple reality is that the food we put into our bodies is vital and essential to the development of our cellular structure, a role needed to combat toxins, bacteria, and disease. The body has a baseline for nutritional value that’s required to function at its fullest potential. When we inhibit these functions, we invite and invade the defense systems that determine our livelihood.

It’s no wonder why Physicians, nutritionists, dieticians, and others in the healthcare industry always stress the importance of nutrition.

We are committed to excellence just for you!  If you would like to speak with us, please give us call at 813-708-9375 or email at

We are available from 8:00 A.M – 8:00 P.M EST Monday through Saturday.